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  • Harish Chilbule

    @Henrik, thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

    We currently don't offer this functionality but this can be done easily via our REST API : https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/chat/shortcuts

    You will need to use your email / password for authentication and just follow the example given on the above page for details / command. You should be able to use online JSON to CSV tools to convert the response to CSV.

    This is not exactly super convenient but should let you download all the chat shortcuts from your chat account. Hope this helps.

  • Henrik Engeseth

    @Harish, i did actually ask support about this (chat yesterday) , and was redirected to create product feedback, since this was not an option.

    what you suggest, should work for my main usecase. Thanks!



  • Harish Chilbule

    @Henrik glad that this helped. I will pass on this information to support folks. 

  • Lila Kingsley

    @Harish or other ZD PM:  I don't have an API client like postman, and, have been executing core API calls from my browser successfully.  It appears this is no longer possible with the chat API, as the new chat version requires Oauth.  

    While I hope to be able to get postman installed, please consider enabling the ability to export chat shortcuts from the UI.  Zendesk customers should have a way to get them from the system without a special 3rd party client installed.  As @Henrik mentions there are simply too many shortcuts to make a copy+paste a viable solution (that, and the fact that it copies checkboxes and buttons on the screen as well as the shortcut name and text...)

  • Mike Pham

    I don't see that there is an option like this to export just yet and I also dont have the knowledge outright to take Harish advice without digging deeper and the need is quicker than I can assign resources. This would be a great add for the product even if its a simple ask that only comes up every once in a while. This original ask was in 2016 and after speaking with support it does not appear that this has been actioned yet 


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