Make it more explicit what brand (site) customer is chatting from


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  • James Peterson

    Hi Jacob,

    Are you familiar with Zopim's Javascript API?  You could use it to add a tag when a visitor starts a chat;  that could make it easier for agents to distinguish which brand's site a visitor was on when starting the chat.  Have a look at the following API methods -

    For example, you could add something like the following to your site's Javascript to accomplish this workflow -

    $zopim(function() {
        function callback(){
            $zopim.livechat.addTags("zopim", "livechatAPI");



  • Jacob J Christensen - Cloudhuset A/S
    Community Moderator

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the links, there are a lot of stuff you can do that I wasn't aware of.

    But I already have tags representing the brands (I guess the web widget sets them?) on conversations, so I don't think another will help.

    Will the VISITOR PATH always reveal the page the chat is happening on? 

    Or, to put it another way, If the user is on both of your sites with the web widget and chat is happening on one of them, is it obvious to the chat agent which site the user is chatting from?


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