Feature request - more visible chat notifications


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Francois,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on the top bar app notification within your Zendesk account and how you would like it to stand out more.

    The team are looking into potential enhancements for the top bar app, and this has come up before. Don't have anything to share with you today about any upcoming changes but there are some other things you can look into doing now.

    Under Personal Settings---Labs inside of Zopim, there is the option to enable desktop notifications and set a custom timeout. The support for custom timeout varies by browser and operating system support (latest version of OS X does not allow custom timing, for example).

    Another you can do is turn on Chat Routing, a feature that we recently launched. By using the Assigned mode, you can set a custom timeout before the chat gets pushed to another agent (in case the current agent missed the notification). You can even set for the agent's status to automatically switch to 'Away' after a certain amount of reassigned chats. You can turn Chat Routing on under Account Settings---Chat Routing



  • Viglietti Matthieu

    I am agree with him, it is very hard to see notifications. 

    Can you do like mail app on mac ? red bubbles with numbers

  • Siobhan Lyons

    I agree also, are there any improvements in the works now, as it is a number of months since Francois asked the question initially?

    Franscois how did you manage to overcome the initial launch issues you reference above? 




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