Broadcast and Assigned Chat Routing by Department


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  • Prakruti Hindia
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    Hi Dwayne,

    Thank you for writing in. Can you tell me more about how your teams are organized and need for different routing settings? Right now, we do not have plans to introduce per-department routing settings in the near-term roadmap.

    - Prakruti

  • Dwayne Jenkins
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    It mostly comes down to agent preference on the teams:

    On one hand:

    We have one large teams of agents, that are solving all types of queries, with high volume. Broadcast mode is pretty much a nightmare for this team as they are pulling the same chats, or some chats are not getting seen when everyone is busy.

    On the other hand:

    We have multiple small teams across the globe, some specialised and some some not, they like being able to manage the volume manually. If they are handling a stressful case they don't have to pull a chat. They can read over a chat before joining it ect. For them assigned is more stressful and results in players being bounced around. 
    Skill based is not an option to solve here as the complexity of cases is not determined by the type of case and really needs an interaction with the customer to determine. 



  • Nick Dushack
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    Hi Dwayne,

    Thank you for providing clarification on your workflow. I apologive, but at this time, there is not a way to obtain the behavior you are requesting as there isn't the ability to choose both types of routing for different departments. I do believe the ability to change assignment method based on department would be a great addition to our platform, and therefore recommend providing product feedback. Product feedback is the best way our customers' voices can be heard regarding feature requests and product changes.

    The only alternative I can think of for the time being would be to have two separate Chat accounts. However, you cannot link more than one Chat account per Support account, so that may be problematic for you (if you have Support as well). You could utilize email piping from the second Chat account to send all Chat transcripts to the Support Address of your Support account, but it wouldn't have the same level of integration that your first Chat account would have.

    I hope this provides some level of clarification. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.


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