User history info from App integration for Chat SDK


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  • Mathew Cropper

    Hey Abdullah. Thanks for posting!

    You could add a note to the chat when you start it. These notes are visible only to agents. The documentation for that is here:

    For this to work, you'll need to know the order history in the app in order to add it to the note.

  • Abdullah

    Dear Mathew,

    Thank you for your reply ,

    Actually I'm searching for Auto integration procces without any data entry from the agents.

    when any customer chat with the , on the info box appears his orders history on the chat window itself.


    if there is any of these sulotions or could be added soon.


    Thanks again

  • Mathew Cropper

    Hi Abdullah. I understand what you mean now.

    I'm afraid that's not possible right now. I've taken the feedback for the SDK as something to perhaps look at in future.

    We did recently run a beta for having apps in the agent interface of Chat (here). Using that, you'd at least be able to get the info into the chat in text form with one click from an agent, if you built an app to do that. That feature is not yet released, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

    One other thing you might consider, is building your own chat interface for the Chat SDK. That way, you would be able to add in whatever integrations you want for your customer. That's straightforward enough to do using the methods in the Chat SDK; listen for events, and tie your UI elements to the different methods the Chat SDK has.

    Hope that's helpful, and thanks again for the feedback!


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