Change owner of Zopim


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  • Nora Mullen

    Hi Melissa,

    This process is described in our article Understanding and managing roles in Zopim. I hope that helps!

  • Melissa Whitman

    For anyone else having trouble figuring this out (especially when you don't have a "change account owner" section), the answer is that you have to contact support to have Zopim change the owner for you. I am unsure of the reason, but when you have added Zopim from within Zendesk, there is no way currently for a user to change the owner on their own.

    Fortunately, this process was extremely simple - support changed owner from one agent to another in a matter of minutes.

  • Linda Larsson

    When starting chat from Zendesk Support, it would make more sense if the agent setting up chat would be made the initial account owner instead. And allowing that agent to give the ownership over to another agent if needed.




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