Agent "Total Online Time" reporting.


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  • Micah Lowe

    I've been with Zendesk for about 5 years.  It's a terrible company in terms of customer support (which is ironic).  Plus, they nickel and dime you.  

    I've been checking this thread every few months to look for an update on the "We are working on it" posted TWO years ago.  

    Then I realized something...

    Here is my opinion: Zendesk doesn't want this metric because it will allow teams to become more efficient and require fewer seats.  Immediately equals less money for Zendesk.  Fewer seats and more efficiency = less money.

  • Nick Wurm

    Micah Lowe


  • besinah

    We need this for chat as well. I can use the CSV files from chat analytics to get the time spent in different statuses, but the whole point of having Explore is to have all the metrics in an easy to use dashboard for reporting. Really hoping this will be available soon.


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