Allow filters to include \ exclude keywords from ticket subjects, domains, etc

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  • Andrew Forbes
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    Hey Tom - Great suggestion! 


    There's a handy function called "CONTAINS()" that can be paired with an IF, THAN, ELSE statement to pull out keywords that come up in your tickets. We've seen users put some pretty crafty formulas together that pull out a bunch of keywords and sort them into buckets. 


    Would this be a helpful solution for you?

  • Tom Connor
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    Thanks Andrew! That seems like a workable stopgap -- I'll try it and see how it goes :) 

    I should say that I think an actual keyword filter would be the best option here. That will be more native to most folks' workflows, and if nothing else it's more work to handwrite a new custom metric every time I want to filter for a specific thing. I also can't really explore or "play with" the data if my filter is dependent on a custom metric (unless I want to go in and keep rewriting the custom metric to see what happens). Further, if I use keyword-based triggers in my support workflows, that's going to force me to write extra custom metrics just to zoom in on those tickets. 

  • Andrew Soderberg
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    How does the function "CONTAINS()" get used with the Subject of a ticket? Where can I see an example used?  When moving to Zendesk from Salesforce we imported over 60K tickets, in the old system many team's tickets were only differentiated by some phrases in the Subject (e.g. 'Derivative Request'). In Explore we need to be able to filter on this and other phrases (for inclusion or exclusion in a Query) that are just part of the full Subject text string.


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