Notify Agents and Manager if a Chat is Offered but not Served (Missed/Avoided chat)


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  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Heather,

    Thank you for writing in. Assuming that reassignment is enabled, a chat could be reassigned to another available agent. It is considered as Missed only if no agent picks it up. Acceptance rate could provide an idea of this.

    An agent could have missed a new incoming chat for multiple reasons -

    • missed notification
    • high number of ongoing chats
    • unavailable - Away or Invisible, in which case a chat would not be assigned
    • deliberate avoidance

    To prevent missed notification, we could enable Sound and Desktop notifications for incoming chats assigned to agent. We are not planning to introduce notifications once the chat has been missed or assigned to a different agent.

    In real - time, Managers can keep an eye on agent presence - Away, Online or Invisible using Agent List. Retrospectively, this information is available as part of Agent Reports.

    In real time, managers can keep an eye on ongoing chats of each agent by looking at Team > View All or grouping Visitor List by Serving Agent. Concurrency reporting for an agent is available in Insights if you have a Support account.

    We do not have plans to introduce logs to track assignment of chats with date timestamp as part of our roadmap this year. However, we will consider this feedback whenever we plan enhancements on reporting/monitoring.

    - Prakruti


  • Tria Nita

    I second this request.

  • Andrey

    If the manager has no way of keeping track of who is missing assigned chats, then this is a great opportunity for agents to cheat. 

  • Melissa Rush

    This is really a bummer that ZD doesn't have better reporting. Key functions you would want to monitor, you don't provide, like this request!



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