Delay on Automatically redact credit card numbers


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  • Kai Zhou

    Hey there,

    Thank you for your feedback! Ability to redact numbers/info at agent's discretion is currently not supported and not on our roadmap. However, we would like know what is your use case. It would be great if you can share what information you are looking to redact and how often do you have to do this. 

    Look forward to hearing from you :) 




  • Jacomo

    Hi Kai,

    In our process, we have to collect credit card number via Zendesk Chat and after that transcribe this number in another software to complete the transaction. This other software that we use doesn't support stripe integration so we really need to see the number to transcribe it.

    Do you have any solution in mind for our kind of challenge?

    Thanks a lot:)

  • Kai Zhou


    Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately we do not have a good solution at the moment. One possibility, though, is to turn redaction off and delete the chat transcript that contains the sensitive information after the chat. 

    We will continue to monitor the feature and update you once we have a better solution! 

    Hope this helps:) 



  • Meghan Howard

    +1 to this, also, I see that there is a secure payment feature in zendesk support, so it seems like it is a possibility if it were put on the roadmap. A key feature for an ecommerce store, such as mine, is to be able to securely and PCI compliantly be able to receive credit card numbers thru chat to help place orders, same as if we were on a phone call. Some ecommerce sites are not as straight forward, as say Amazon, and or because of the product being offered, some customers would prefer to have that human assistance with things like this. 


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