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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there David,

    Thanks for posting your feedback on having credit card compliant fields within Chat. Currently, we do not offer this functionality and it isn't on our roadmap for the next 6 months.

    If you need a solution now, there are some workaround solutions that you can explore. Depending on your credit card processor, you can create a payment form and then use that link in a Chat shortcut. The visitor would still need to open another window but it ensures the credit card data is processed properly/in a compliant manner. 

    Another workaround would be to build a custom app that talks with your payment provider. You can get more info on the Chat apps APIs here: https://developer.zendesk.com/apps/docs/apps-v2/chat_api

    The visitor workflow would be the same, they would enter the card information on another tab/window.


  • Ronald Devine


    When is Automatic Redaction coming to chat?

    We really need the same feature with exact same function as Zendesk Support has. Its holding us back from becoming fully PCI compliant since over 80% of our customer contacts are by chat.  The suggested workaround above does not apply to us. We need the ability to have the card number to NOT be saved in the chat database.

    The tickets created from chats in Zendesk are redacted works great!  But the tickets in the chat database has a customer's full credit card info visible to any who can get into this, or if Zendesk ever got hacked that would be a MAJOR security breach.

    Your 6 month quote for the function is almost near in March.  Any updates? Is it in beta at least? Can I test it in beta?

    Please give an update, Will it be exactly the same as how the auto redaction works in zendesk support? If not what are the plans how it will work?



  • Kai Zhou

    Hi Ronald and David, 

    Thank you for posting your feedback in the community, I am glad to share that we have been working on the credit card redaction feature in Chat and are currently recruiting users for beta testing. To sign up, click here. However, do take note that this beta is currently available to customers on Professional and Enterprise plans only.

    In addition, You can also follow our community post to stay updated with the status of the test. 

    We look forward to hear from you! 



  • Meghan Howard

    +1 I am looking for a solution to take credit card information thru zendesk chat. As an ecommerce platform, this is a vital piece of the puzzle that zendesk chat is missing. I have looked thru different apps and our payment processor, i'm not seeing a solution. Has anyone come up with a solution or integration?


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