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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Oliver,

    Thanks for posting your feedback, interesting that it is happening frequently for your agents. We haven't seen this ourselves or heard from other customers that it is a problem frequently occurring for them.

    One thing you can look into doing is removing the thumbs from the concierge profile card area and only allow visitors to rate the chat when the agent sends the rating request or when the visitor ends the chat. You can do this using the Javascript API:$zopim.livechat.theme.setProfileCardConfig


  • Oliver Knigge

    Hi Ramin,

    thanks for the hint, this could be a solution. :)

    You are right, compared to our current number of daily chats, the number of unrated but commented chats is not very crucial. But we are receiving such blank ratings from time to time.

    Hopefully our IT department will find some time very soon to implement the code (as it should be very easy). 
    Currently they have many other projects that such tasks would have lowest priority.

    But thanks again, I will definetely keep this in mind :)



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