Chat assigns to original agent when transfered


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  • Harish Chilbule
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    @Gabriela, thanks for your feedback.

    May I know if you use chat auto routing for chat assignments ? Would you expect the chat ticket assignment to follow the chat assignment routing ?

    We are investigating this feature and it is on our product roadmap. Expect more updates about this in Q4 this year.

  • Gabriela Zepeda
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    Hi Harish,

    Yes, we use auto routing, if the first agent that gets the chat continues with it, it acts normal. However, if the first agent assigns/invites another agent the ticket gets assigned to the first agent.

    We are looking forward for this feature so that the chat stays with the final agent :)


  • Brendan Ittelson
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    Any updates on this?

    We do not use auto chat routing and it's very annoying that if the chat starts in one department and then transfers to a second, and the second opens a ticket, it still assigns to the person in the first department.

    I might be over simplifying here but could the ticket automatically be assigned to whoever clicked the create ticket button and not the first agent?

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback and we agree that the ticket creation should handle agent and department transfers better.

    Currently, we have no plans in the next 6 months to change the current ticket creation experience as we focus on completing some other features/changes. We are hoping to revisit some of the ticket creation experience in the later half of the year and will update you here if and when that changes.



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