Automatically boot agents into offline mode once operating hours have ended

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  • Jeremy Seow

    Hi Brennan,

    I'm Jeremy, one of the other PMs for chat here at Zendesk. 

    I understand your request and use case for singing agents out but unfortunately do not have anything on the near term roadmap for this.

    With that said, there are a few things you can do:

    1. Operating hours - It seems like you already know, but just to explain, the feature does automatically make your widget offline once operating hours has ended. This is regardless of whether or not you have agents online.

    2. Chat Routing - While the chat routing feature speaks to the ability to choose between Broadcast and Assigned chats, we have 2 settings in that feature (if you choose the Assigned routing method) that might help with your use case.

    The first is Reassignment which allows the system to reassign the chat to another agent if the agent assigned the chat does not pick it up within a certain period of time.

    Once you have that running, you can set up an Automatic Away Status which allows you to specify the number of times the system attempts to route the chat to the user before the system automatically sets the agent status as away.

    I understand its not fully the use case you mentioned but I thought I'd share this in the event that it helped. 

  • Claire Smith

    I would like to second this! 

    We have a limited number of language specialists and we do not want to set up business hours but have chat available when they are in the office  and signed in.

    When they pop out for lunch or go home and forget to go offline we have to remove them as a user and re-add them which is ridiculous! 

    Please can you create the ability to log a member of staff out or change their status.


    Thank you 

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the feedback and explaining what you are currently doing. I have a suggestion to help you from not having to delete the agents when they leave and don't change their status (without setting up operating hours).

    There is a feature called Idle Timeout that allows the agent to automatically change their status after x minutes of inactivity. You can choose to change the status to 'Away' or 'Offline'. The setting can be found under Personal---Idle Timeout. Have you tried using this already? If so, what about it didn't work for your agents?




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