Changing ticket "submit" button to "Submit as Solved" by default


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  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Lizzy, 

    If you are using macros to populate your responses, you can include setting the status to Solved as part of that process.  These will set the button, but won't submit. 

    In addition, there are keyboard shortcuts you can use for all statuses. You can find them by clicking on your User Profile image in the top left and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts. 

  • Bosworth, Kathy

    What do I use if the Solved button does not work?


  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Kathy, 

    Typically when the submit button is disabled, this means that there is some field that needs to be populated before you can solve it.  Take a look at your sidebar to see if anything need to be filled out.  It's also possible that a Zendesk app is doing this so check with your system admin to see if anything specific to your Zendesk setup could be causing this as well. 


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