Multiple AND/OR conditions in Views, Triggers and Automations

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  • Jonathan March
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    Hi Pedro,

    I agree that would be useful. As a workaround in the meantime, you could create several triggers (or if you want to include pre-existing tickets, automations) which check for these conditions and set a tag when a condition was satisfied. Then your view can check for the tag.

    A big downside of such automations, of course, is that when they ran, they would change the "last update" field, making that essentially useless for normal purposes. Also they could not be used on closed tickets.

  • Louise Dissing
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    +1 This would be so awesome to have!

  • Thomas Garcia
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    Hi Pedro!


    Contrary to what Nicole told you there: Conditional view: fulfil A and B conditions OR fulfil C and D conditions. Is this possible?

    There was indeed (at least) one feature request already opened: Conditions for triggers / automations / views should use boolean algebra basic operators = AND / OR


    As you can see, unfortunately, they don't seem to give a damn 🙂

    I upvoted your feature request. I really hope either of one will attract some attention.


    Kind regards,


  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Thanks for sharing, Thomas. I don't see Zendesk's posture regarding this as "doesn't seem to give a damn", though. Because the feature request can already be achieved natively (with multiple separate triggers), it's probably not that important in terms of the entire Zendesk customer base needs.

    To each their own backlog and priority criteria :-)


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