Custom ticket ID/numbers

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  • Mathew Luby

    Agreed that prefixing ticket numbers would be ideal. 

    We want to keep change, Incident and Problem ticket ID#s totally separate.


    Incident: ABC-12345

    Problem: ZYZ-12345

    Change: #012345

  • Scott Patten

    The ability to see which issue a ticket is related to would be of benefit to my organisation, as seeing a bunch of ticket numbers is useless unless you can see what they are related to without having to apply extra fields to allow isolation of the tickets based upon issue grouping.

  • Parrish Chamberlin

    Hi Zendesk Development team.

    To evolve Zendesk support and increase its reporting and ticket management capability, it would be great if this function suggested above could be made as a high priority.

    The effort to build this would be minimal and you would have the option to assign the prefix in the form design option.

    Other products already separate the tickets by using a prefix to manage ticket types and as part of ITIL and other frameworks it is a must.

    I would suggest only a prefix of three letters that can be toggled on or off in the form design.

    for example, I have created my own change management form and process, however the only way I can differentiate is assigning to the Change Queue and putting the Change reference number in the subject  eg CHGxxxxxx  (were x = ticket number or internal change reference number.)

    There is no option in the ticket type to select a change as well it would be good if this could be updated also.

    Please note as more people review Zendesk to use for technical and Customer support (internal and external) this feature would be a good selling point.

    Estimated build time including deign and ready to release = 6 Hours Max.

    If you had a workflow designer also in Zendesk this would help with admins like myself to automate many of the tasks, rather than having to pay for Sweethawks Change product which is way too expensive and doesn't allow only x amount of user licenses (not every agent in Zendesk needs to use change management) hence why I have built my own and more secure form.




  • Jorge De León SU
    Hello Zendesk, we have instances for different groups of processes, I would like to know if you are thinking of giving the functionality of placing a prefix to the numbering of tickets so that we can identify the type of tickets that are consulted, since having several instances this becomes confused. I hope they are taking it into account.

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