"Take Ticket" Feature

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  • Andrew J

    Change their default group. This doesn't affect what they can see.

  • Andrew J

    As long as they are still in both groups.

  • Nicole

    It is not defaulting to the User's default.  Not sure if this is a bug

  • Dan Cooper

    I've seen this challenge before.  If the ticket is assigned to the default group and the person clicking take it is also a member of that group, it will default to assigning it to the current group. If the agent is not a member of the group, it will change it to the agent's default group when they assign it to themselves.  

    The system is trying to be smart about how it applies the group assignment by assuming that the ticket is in the right place to start.  If an agent takes it and they are a member of the group.  It retains the group.  Otherwise, it will find the next best thing which is the agent's default. 

    If you have the ability to have the group default into the right group via triggers, I'd recommend approaching it that way.  This should help with some of the take it behaviors you are seeing. 


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