Removing Feedback

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  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Jade - 

    Where is this feedback occurring? Is it in a ticket, a community, or somewhere else? 

  • Jade Taylor
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    The feedback is the one that is setup on the ticket. After 48 hours of a ticket closing they get the satisfaction email for them to leave positive or negative feedback. The negative feedback isn't always relevant so want to know if there is way to remove certain ones?  

  • Dan Cooper
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    You could segment out certain users in your reporting.  It may still be relevant in certain contexts, but if you want contractors to be split out, I'd start with reporting on a subset of users without them. This would allow you to filter out certain data even if the tickets have fully closed and are read only. 

    Alternatively, if you needed to have a better flagging system, you could adjust your close ticket automation to close a ticket later in the lifecycle.  This could give you a window to add a tag to a ticket to exclude it from your satisfaction measurements (show all rated tickets except those with X tag).


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