Set the ticket schedule from APIs

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  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Arnaud, 

    You can create your trigger to base the Schedule that is set from the user's Time Zone. This would allow you to create the ticket without a tag in order to apply this.  As long as your user has a time zone, the schedule should set with that trigger. 

    You'll likely need more than one trigger (one for each time zone to schedule map) but this should only have to be setup once. 


    Time Zone | Is | (time zone) 


    Ticket | is | Created 

    Ticket | Is | Updated (in case the customer updates their time zone midstream)


    Set Schedule | (time zone based schedule)


    API access is a great request, but hopefully this can help you avoid extra tag noise. 

  • Arnaud Heritier

    Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your feedback. It's a good idea but in our case it won't work because the TimeZone shouldn't be attached to the reporter but to his organization. A customer can have teams all around the world but if they buy a "businees hours" contract they have to choose on which TZ these business hours are computed. That's why I need a tag (or custom field at the organization level - or on all tickets of the organization) to implement it (AFAIU).


  • Dan Cooper

    We set our schedules based off of an organizational time zone.  We have a custom time zone organization drop down field that we set.  The logic is the same as my comment above, you just choose your Organization Field as the Time Zone option instead. 

    In scenarios where it is blank, you can set a default time zone that a trigger sets using something like: 


    Org Time Zone | Is | (null)


    Ticket | Is | Created

    Ticket | Is | Updated


    Set Org Time Zone | (value)

    Set Schedule | (default schedule time zone)


    If you know the schedule when you are creating a ticket, you could opt to push an update to the organization custom field instead of the ticket (do this first) and then populate your ticket.  Then the trigger would be able to apply the clean up process to assign the right schedule. 


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