More granular permissions

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  • Nick Sauvé

    I'd like to second this request! 

  • Sprout Social, Inc.

    Same! In general it would be nice to have a permission to create and edit the user's own queries and dashboards without the permission to edit those created by others.

  • Alfredo Navarro

    Hello Elizabeth,

    I totally agree with you and I am facing exactly the same issue. The user with Editor role in Explore can basically modify any Dashboard that is shared with him/her. This means, we cannot achieve our use case of defining a Dashboard centrally and share it with few agents, then they should not be able to touch that.

    You can achieve (somehow) the Query level by creating a different data source and restrict permissions there. Unfortunately, this does not work for Dashboards because you can have queries from different data sources within the same Dashboard.

    This means that definitely a Dashboard level refinement of edit permissions should be defined.

    Any update here from the Product team?



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