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    Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Mario - 

    Thanks for adding your feedback! I encourage you to add your vote to the original post on the other thread, that's where we're continuing to aggregate votes for this request.  

    The reason the thread was shut down is that the product team evaluated the request and determined that they had more than enough use cases to understand the request. It's something they continue to be interested in implementing at some point, but they've determined that it will not be on the roadmap for the coming year. 

    Users have regularly expressed frustration when we leave threads open for things that we have determined will not be prioritized in the near future as doing do implies that it's in a backlog or under consideration. So, once the product team determines that they have enough use cases but cannot prioritize the request, we close the thread for comments. We do keep it open for voting so that we can gauge users' additional interest in it for future reconsideration - hence the recommendation to add your vote there.

    We regularly review these threads, and if and when it's something the product team needs more feedback on or is actively considering, we will reopen it for comment or provide updates from them there. 

    The decision regarding this particular request has to do with the infrastructure of the product and the technical lift required to implement it. The product team understands the request and recognizes its importance, however it's not something they've been able to prioritize at this point in time. 

    I know that's not what you would be hoping to hear, but we do want to be transparent. 

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. 

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