Idle Timeout in Chat - allow an agent to stay 'Online' in more cases

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    Dean Kenny

    Hi Mike,

    In Settings > Personal > Idle timeout — The maximum inactivity period for idle timeout is 1440 minutes (24 hours). 


    If your team increases the idle timeout, would this solve the issue for your particular workflow?


    More information here:




  • Mike Larsen

    I'd say it would not.  We have taken the approach to increase it as you suggest.  Instead of 15 minutes it is being set to 4 hours or 8 hours.  Turning off the idle timeout is also considered, given how the agent must work in Chat to avoid an idle timeout anyways.

    The underlying issue is that an agent has to actively be in a chat or in the Chat dashboard for the countdown to cease.  Our agents are not in Chat that actively, they are awaiting the audible notification that may only come infrequently while they work in other applications.  If an agent walks away from their PC without marking themself as inactive Chat may be available to a user when no agents are actually ready to take on the chat.

    Using the schedule/business hours is probably the best functionality in this area.  Then Chat goes away from users when agents leave at the end of the day.  Agents can just set their idle timeouts to be pretty big - 4 or 8 hours.

    Basically, we were wondering (hoping) if the idle timeout countdown was based on the user being active on their PC or other parts of Zendesk, not just so strictly in the Chat dashboard.  That is not the case but now we know.

    Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated.


  • Dean Kenny

    Thanks for walking through your workflow, Mike.

    I think the idle timeout feature is most useful for large enterprise companies who spend most of their time accepting chats or handling ongoing chats in the dashboard.

    If you want to ensure your team aren't missing chats when they are away from their desk, you could create an assigned routing workflow and configure reassignment timeout/automatic idle:

    Apart from that, operating hours would be a good solution to ensure there are no missed chats once the day ends for your agents.

    Hope all that helps.







  • Mike Larsen

    Okay, thanks Dean.

    That explains it.  I appreciate the help.  We can close this.



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