Limit Priority choice based on org or product

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  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator

    You could do it the way Zendesk implements it themselves:


    Create a custom field that has custom options.

    Then, you can create triggers in Zendesk Support that translate those choices to real priorities.


    By default if people choose Major, the priority needs to be set to Urgent.

    But, below, add a new trigger that says for conditions XYZ, if people choose Major, set priority to Normal.

    So, in short, you can set whatever priority based on conditions you choose, based on the custom field they chose.

  • Graham Robson

    Hey Shane,

    I'd like to endorse Thomas's recommendation to present business impact, rather than expose priority. It makes the customer think more and is more helpful to the agent to understand the issue. 

    If you did want to implement a conditional priority or business impact field, this could be done with our CloudSET Conditionality App.

    You can use either a product or organizational dimension to control conditionality. Our dependent value field capability allows you to show a subset of a customer impact value that are appropriate. This can be especially impressive with high-value customer where you use their own terminology.

    As Thomas indicated, you can use triggers to map to a the system priority field.

    Reach out to us at if you'd like to explore this solution direction.

    Best, Graham (CloudSET)

  • Shane Weber

    Thank you everyone, I'll bring these ideas back to the team, not sure how popular it would be to change what we are currently presenting to the customers, but I do appreciate the options.


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