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  • Travis Tubbs
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    There's an app from Zendesk called Ticket Field Manager (https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/ticket-field-manager/?q=mkp_ticket%20field%20manager) that does just this.

    If it worked.

    When I made the fields read-only, most of my fields disappeared. When I tried again, the fields were not read-only. (And an error appears in the browser's console.)

    I have a ticket open with Support and they're investigating. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix it and it's the solution for your needs.

  • Dan Cooper
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    I think the frustrating thing here is that you have to use an app in order to get this functionality today.  However, I'd expand the use case a bit to set expectations for how data is populated into these read-only fields. I would assume that a read only field for agents would need a method to collect an initial value which could come from one of the following scenarios/examples: 

    1) By end users - preserving end user field submissions

    2) By allowed agent groups and/or roles - supporting workflows like approvals, quality assurance, reporting, etc. 

    3) By an application - this is technically supported as the Zendesk App Framework can push data into a field and set a field as read only.  However, an unauthorized user might be allowed to update a field via an authorized app. 

  • Angeli Ho
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    I agree it is necessary for us to have a read only field.

    Some fields are populated from a 3rd party system through integration and I do not want agents to make changes to those fields


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