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  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Hi, Vinodkumar Ramamoorthy, the first one checks if the current update being made on the ticket is a comment visible to the Requester. The latter checks all previous updates with comments to check if any of them is public.

    In detail:

    Comment is Present and requester can see it means that whether the comment is Public or Private, the current ticket Requester is able to see it.

    Example. Let's say we have an internal escalation workflow where agents copy the requester email to a custom ticket field, set themselves as the ticket Requester, and assign the ticket to another Group. The current ticket Requester is the agent, so that condition will allow him/her to be notified of all comments (public and private).

    As for Privacy: Ticket has public comments, this condition allows us to check whether a ticket has any comment visible to a Requester who is an end-user.

    Example. Regardless of what the end-user writes, we want all our Facebook private messages to be Solved with at least one public reply to user. Therefore, we'll create a trigger with the following conditions:

    • Ticket is updated
    • Status changed to Solved
    • Current user is Agent
    • Privacy: Ticket has public comments is False (we could also use Agent replies is 0)

    The actions could be:

    • Status is Open
    • Add tags = reopen_noreplies
    • Email current user: "You tried solving a ticket without replying to the user (...)"

    Hope this helps!

  • Vinodkumar Ramamoorthy
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    Thanks Pedro for this information. Will i be able to the trigger email ,only if trigger condition Comment is Present and requester can see it is added to check if agent updates public comments

  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Glad to help! Yes, to send an email to the customer, please make sure to include that condition in the trigger.


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