Side Conversation - notifications on closed tickets

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  • David Tanner
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    I totally agree with this post.

    I have a big issue concerning someone who answer a Side Conversation, but as the ticket did not open, nobody knew about it.

    Kind regards

  • Nelson Oliveira
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    I totally agree with Marta and David.

    Hope you guys find a quick fix 

    Maybe this is a comment on a closed ticket ?? and nobody will read it because no-one will be notified ??

  • Matthieu FRYS
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    I'm totally agree.

    To not be able to act on the ticket when it is closed. OK.

    But why can't we use as a condition ? it's available on the trigger settings.

    I think it is important to be capable of answering to a side conversation on a closed ticket by triggering it !


    We lost a lot of messages.

  • Sonia Radaelli
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    we have the same problem.

    in the community I received a post from a community moderator that suggest me to post my solution in the Product Feedback section

    this is my solution:

    Write the event also when a ticket is closed when a side conversation is updated.

    The pop-up is not enough.

    In this way triggers can works.

  • Patricia Farizi
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    I totally agree with this post, too.

    We have the same problems. 

    It would be very helpful if zendesk could create a follow-up ticket in this case. 

    Kind regards


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