Track Agent/Assignee updates

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  • Chris Stock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Brad. Could you use one of the 'Time - Ticket last updated' attributes and then filter on 'Updater role' is Admin or Agent?

  • Lex

    I too would like to see the 'Assignee Updated' attributes in Explore. Applying a 'Ticket last updated' attribute with a role filter doesn't work in the same way. In Insights, reporting on the number of assignee replies giving the month the last assignee update occurred was as simple as using '# Replies' metric with 'Month/Year (Assignee Updated)' attribute.

    For example, if a ticket was last updated by an assignee in December 2020 but another update occurs in January 2021 (eg, automation, CSAT), Insights would correctly report this for December whereas Explore reports the agent reply for January.


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