Can we limit only users with email addresses with .edu the ability to create a Help Center account?


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  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Hi Melody Quinn, unfortunately there is no way to only identify an email address TLD (only the full domain), as far as I know.

    A simple solution would be adding an info box to the HTML of your New Requests page, for example.

    That wouldn't prevent folks without .edu accounts to create tickets, however, so here's a workaround for your consideration:

    • Create a custom user field, a drop-down (e.g. "User status") with two values: "Valid" vs "Invalid"
    • Allow anyone to submit a ticket but don't notify them when the ticket is created (or do it but with some generic message / "request under review")
    • Create a Triage group and a View for all tickets assigned to it. Agent(s) working on this view would check the users and validate those applicable by selecting "Valid" in the user drop-down. Those that aren't .edu, add them to "Invalid"
    • Triage Agents should then reassign the ticket to your main support group

    Create the following triggers and position them in this order (top-down in your triggers page):

    Trigger 1
    Ticket is created + status is New + current user isn't agent + User status not present:

    • Assign to Triage

    This puts the new ticket in the Triage view.

    Trigger 2
    Current user is agent + tags don't contain requester_notified (for example) + User status is Valid + Ticket is (created OR updated):

    • Assign to support group
    • Email requester
    • Add tags requester_notified

    Whether it's a new user that triage has validated or an existing Valid user submitting a new ticket, this trigger will take care of both scenarios.

    Trigger 3
    Current user is agent + tags don't contain requester_notified (for example) + User status is Invalid + Ticket is (created OR updated):

    • Don't send a notification OR send a generic one (perhaps informing them of what you consider an official email address and that you won't reply)
    • Add tags requester_notified
    • Set the ticket status to Closed

    If you need to restrict Help Center content, you could create an Organization mapped to your domain (e.g. "Allowed Users"), which you'd use to restrict HC content (note: triage would have to add valid users to the organization; in this case you can modify the above workflow to be organization-based).

    Hope this helps. It isn't fully automatic, however, and it requires a bit of human effort in the triage.

    Perhaps other Zendesk users have achieved simpler solutions for this, so here's looking forward to more ideas!

  • Melody Quinn
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    Thank you Pedro, you have given us some great ideas!

  • Melody Quinn
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    Is it possible to prevent users belonging to specific user segments from commenting on articles or posts? Or with specific tags? 

  • Pedro Rodrigues
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    Glad to help! Without any programming I don't think it's not possible to configure that kind of permissions, since the "Open for comments" feature doesn't allow it.

    The only workaround I see - also requiring some manual effort - would be to activate moderation for all comments, which would implicate some triage workflow as well.

    I can see how it could be useful, though. If you add it as a feature request, it's got my vote :-) please feel free to link it here if you do!


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