Triggers that refer to nonexistent entities


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  • Pan

    Someone from Zendesk can probably correct me but I believe I read in their developer documentation that non-existent conditions are completely ignored as if they weren't there. We've also experienced this to be true.

    So if a non-existent entity appeared in: 

    • ALL: the trigger will fire if all other conditions were met
    • ANY: the trigger will fire if at least one other condition is met
    • ACTIONS: All valid actions are performed if conditions are met
  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Pan

    Your recollection aligns with mine, but I'm looking for the specific documentation to support this. I'll update here when I find the answer to this.


    UPDATE: I've done a quick bit of testing and it appears that an invalid trigger condition does prevent a trigger from running. This feels like something our system should handle more gracefully, so I'm going to be raising a bug report to our Developers. I'll be happy to report back when I hear back on this one.


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