How to best streamline Customers account creation in Zendesk (or allow SSO) from a SaaS?

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  • Giovanna Chethuan
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    Hello, Laurent! You can find some Single Sign On options in this article, with this, if your agents are logged, then they will be logged into the HC without asking for authentication again! 

  • Andrew Soderberg
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    We are a B2B company and also require a customer to login to our Zendesk portal. We have two methods to streamline user account creation and access to Zendesk.

    1. We have a SaaS service ( which uses SSO. We have our Zendesk also use that SSO. As Giovanna mentioned, once our customers authenticate with the SaaS service, they can click the Support link in our product and be automatically presented with the Zendesk Guide while still in our service (our Zendesk Guide templates share the same header scripts as our SaaS service).

    2. We use Salesforce as the source of 'truth' for all our customers for products other than the one mentioned above. We ask that individual staff at our customers who want to use the portal to complete a simple (one time) form on our website where we collect the info needed to validate that they work for one of our customers (they also check the boxes that they have read our TOC and Privacy Policy. Once we have validated them, our inside sales team will create the contact record in Salesforce and check an option that they are allowed portal access. 

    We have integrated Zendesk with Salesforce using he free Salesforce app in the Zendesk Marketplace. As part of this integration (took about an hour) Salesforce will automatically update Zendesk when accounts and contacts are created or updated. The Zendesk<>Salesforce app (controlled on the Zendesk side of the fence) has filters setup to only allow those customers to be created in Zendesk where that option for portal access has been set in Salesforce. As part of creating the user account in Zendesk the system automatically sends a welcome email (this is built-in to the app) to the new contact with their access info. 

    The Zendesk<>Salesforce app also syncs quite a few custom fields for both organizations and contacts, as well as pushing tickets from Zendesk over to Salesforce so that our Sales directors have visibility to the tickets their accounts create (without having to be a Zendesk agent or light agent).

    If you do not use Salesforce there are other similar apps for integration with other CRMs (SugarCRM, etc.). You could 'roll your own' and have a developer automate the process using Zendesk's open API architecture.


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