How can we have our support requests generated from our SaaS platform parsed to determine request/organization?


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  • Abed Islam
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    I just realized Zendesk is a Connector in MS Flow/Power Automate. Will check that out, though it requires a paid subscription.

  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi Abed Islam,

    I answered a bit of this in this post covering the mail API:

    I don't think currently you can set the Organization automatically. If you attribute a ticket to a user via #requester the ticket will get associated with that user. If that user is mapped to one Organization, it will be attributed to that user and that one Organization. If your user is mapped to more than one Organization, Zendesk will associate it with the primary Organization of that user. You will have the opportunity to update the Organization after the ticket is created via manually updating it in the dropdown that appears in this scenario on tickets under the CC field.

    Regarding the other fields, you could put in a series of triggers with the condition of "ticket is created" and "Comment text...Contains the following string...iOS device AABB" and have the action set any custom fields you've set up that are associated (assuming your custom fields are dropdowns).

    If you don't want to create a few dozen triggers to do this, you can have tags set up on creation using #tags command in the email API but keep in mind this method will replace any other tags on the ticket, not append them.

    As always, test, test again, and test one last time!

    I can't think of any other way natively in Zendesk. I do commend you, though, for solutioning the forwarding of the email via an agent email! That's what I would do too.




  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Support Triggers and Email Workflows AMA has ended and comments have now been closed. If you have any related questions, you can create a new post in our Support - Troubleshooting and Q&A topic!


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