Adding a comment to a ticket by appending automated emails from third party ticketing system to Zendesk tickets by parsing a reference in the email subject


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  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Craig,

    It should be possible to add a comment to an existing ticket if the email into Zendesk contains a Message-ID from the the existing ticket-thread in its REFERENCES or IN REPLY TO headers.

    For security reasons, this new comment will be set as private (internal note) if its author is not already present as the requester/cc'd on the ticket.

    Alternately, might you be able to leverage our API to update the ticket instead of email? If the external system has a method to do this, perhaps notifying it using an HTTP target to pass over the ticket-id, which could then be used with an update-ticket API call to add comments to the ticket.


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