workflow for two teams on a global scale


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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Mac,

    If you have separate emails for customers to contact you for each location, and you don't want the follow-the-sun model that's a pretty simple setup. I suggest doing something like this:

    Separate out your groups:

    • 1 General Questions Amsterdam
    • 1 General Questions North America
    • 2 Technical Support Amsterdam
    • 2 Technical Support North America

    Then you create triggers to route the tickets:

    Ticket Received: General Questions Amsterdam

    Ticket Received at (Amsterdam email), update group to 1 General Questions Amsterdam  <-- you will want to include how you determine General Questions from Technical Support. Unless General Questions manually (or via macro) reassign the ticket to the next group??

    Do the same for North America using your North American email as the Received At email.

    Hopefully that does the trick. As always, test, test again, and test just one more time. From an end user email and an Agent email.




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