Reporting Triggers and Automations


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  • Chris H

    Hello Ava,

    The only real way to track something like this would be to have the automation add a tag to the ticket when it runs. Then we can target this tag in the report. Unfortunately this is the only way to be able to track something like this.

    I hope this solution works for you!

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ava,

    I wish we could natively report on automations and triggers, but alas, it's not really offered at the moment. BUT - I have a way to do it by using tags!

    I add unique tags with each Trigger and Automation.  Something like trig_1 or trig_a <--note I don't use the full word "trigger" - this is so that when someone searches, they don't surface tickets by mistake. I use advanced search with tags when specifically searching for tickets that have my Trigger or Automation tags.

    Then I can use these tags to report on how often these triggers/automations are fired.

    I would like to note that you won't get a date/timestamp of when the trigger or automation fired off in native reporting or Views. However, you *can* get a general sense.

    I do the same thing with macros, if that helps.

    I wonder if someone else has a different solution for this.



  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    I like Heather Rommel idea, but that is a lot of work and documenting the tags to the triggers and macros, when it would be so much better if natively tracked and reported by Zendesk.


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