Remove "NULL" values from Dashboard Filter

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  • Jessica Strozyk

    If I understood your problem correctly, I think there might be a workaround. You can add another filter with the agent names and exclude the NULL, hide that filter, and create a (hidden) bookmark with this filter setting. Then you pin this bookmark so it is the state of the dashboard when it is first loaded. I haven't tried this though (just had a similar situation with other filter settings). Let me know if this works.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi Jessica,


    this was also one of my idea, but so far I failed with it.


    I try add a 2nd Assignee Name filter, with exclude: NULL and bookmark it, but this keep NULL still in place even with Cascade Promts.

    Also creation of a "Set" with my own assigness keep Null in even when I didn´t add it to that.



  • Jessica Strozyk

    Too bad. I agree with you then. This should be added.

  • Saxon Clay

    Fully agree with this, it's really ugly and extremely frustrating that you can't remove or otherwise hide these NULL values. 


    I can understand them being present if you're looking at a full attribute, but if I create an attribute set with only two values in it and explicitly don't select NULL to be a part of that set, there's no justification for NULL to be present when I load that set as a filter. I don't see this as a product improvement, rather this should be considered a defect in the software. 


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