List all triggers created


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  • Chris H

    Hello Daniel,

    The way to get something like this is to use our API. If you navigate to you will get a page that lists all of your triggers with a count at the bottom and a link to the next page if there is one for you.

    I hope this gets what you need!

  • Cathy Oliva



    This is something that I would like, potentially as a CSV dump. I don't know or understand what a Json file is.


    And I don't know  how to use the API. When I enter our domain all I see is gobbledegook.




  • Chris H


    Not a problem! You will have to take the JSON that you're given from the url I gave and you can then transform it to a CSV using a converter like the one found here also adding a chrome extension like will make the JSON more readable for you!

    I hope this works for you!


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