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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Diego,

    This is a great problem to have - too many administrators. Many places don't have one administrator, nevermind several! I can see how this would become difficult, though, with so many people making changes. There are definitely going to be different administration styles from admin to admin.

    That said, here are my suggestions based on experience:

    1. Agree to a general understanding of your current state, document it (I use screenshots of every single trigger, automation and setting). Have a place where you store your documentation and commit to updating it regularly, whether right after you change something or within xx days.

    2. Name your Triggers, as an example, to be something easily identifiable when researching a given incident.  I personally use the function: who it affects: why it's in place as a general guideline. For example, one of my triggers is Request Received: Priority Customers: Route to VIP Support Group.  Another Zendesk customer created this Tip and the comments are interesting as well. 

    3. Utilize a notification app within Zendesk like this free one, that you can alert just the other administrators as you find and fix a break. 

    4. Adopt formal Change Management. Someone identifies the issue ---> someone designs the proposed solution ---> someone approves that solution ---> it is put in. All admins are cc'd on the Change Management ticket. Here's a workflow recipe that might help if you don't have that in your system already.

    5. Elect someone to be the main admin, someone else to be the backup admin. No one else can make changes. This helps tighten up some of the intimate knowledge of your instance in that the same people are buried in it all the time and get to know the current state. I recommend monthly sync-ups for these folks and regular documentation updates. 

    6. Last but not least, how do you define "urgent"? I find that we sometimes need to be reminded that even in our IT world, urgent is not really what it seems. We are not doctors and there are no lives on the line.  That said, an "urgent" issue can probably wait until the main administrator can attend to it at their earliest convenience.  

    I hope this is helpful to some degree. Unfortunately, if your set of administrators aren't used to communicating, none of my suggestions can help that!  We are not going to find any solution without communication and documentation. 

    Thanks for your question!


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