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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi David Choleva,

    My first instinct is to tell you to add a User Field that you can set to where the customer is located. Then you can have a Ticket field that carries that location over and you can use this field to tell your Triggers which one you want to fire off. 

    For example, add a dropdown location field to Mary's account and have it offer the 3 different locations, select her location from the list.

    Add a trigger to set the ticket location field to match.

    Add a condition to each of your triggers to fire off based on location.


    Option # 2:

    Use Dynamic Content and use placeholder text, translating as needed. This is easiest when you want to say the same thing in different languages. More on Dynamic Content here


    If neither of these sound like they would work, can you please expand on your question so we can better assist?

    Thank you! 




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