Internal notes for agents to see for certain customers?

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  • Andrew Soderberg
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    Let's see if I get what you want...

    NOTE, Zendesk does not allow automations to place notes directly in the comments field, see this warning article:

    The following example is based on a couple fields at the organization level. A similar setup could be done with user fields.

    First ticket is about to be solved, and something about this ticket makes the agent want to inform the next agent to be assigned a ticket from this organization to be aware of some status/info/note. 

    The agent checks a checkbox field that has been setup on the Organization level for 'Notes Alert'. A text field has also been setup at the Organization level called 'Ticket Notes'. The agent types a message into the Organization's Ticket Notes field. The ticket is then solved.

    So, when the next ticket comes in from someone at that Organization:

    A trigger has been created that has a condition that will check for the 'Notes Alert' filed being checked for the Organization that this ticket's requester is from. Another condition in the trigger looks for a tag called 'notes_alert_set' that should not yet exist "contains none of the following" (to prevent a recursive loop, more later).

    The trigger then has a Notify Target action that uses a pre-configured URL Target (see this article on how to create the URL Target: ). The Notify Target's message body has text telling the agent to read the Organization's 'Ticket Notes' field first. This will become a private comment in the ticket after the main comment submitted with the ticket. The final action in the trigger is to add the unique tag  'notes_alert_set' that the condition was looking for.

    So when this next ticket comes in, the agent that takes the ticket will see the private comment telling them to read the Ticket Notes field for that ticket's Organization. 

    If once the agent has answered the ticket, if the issue/notes/info that was left by the previous agent is no longer valid, they should delete the text from the Organization Ticket Notes field and uncheck the Notes Alert checkbox, then solve the ticket.

    If on the other hand you have preset messages to give agents based on a custom ticket type field, you don't need the Organization "Ticket Notes" field. You would add another condition to check a value of the custom ticket type field. The message in the Notify Target action would be unique to that ticket type field value. You then only need to clone the Trigger and customize it for each value of the custom ticket type field. The tags that are checked and added would be unique to each trigger also.

    To remove the trigger from firing in the future for this Organization, uncheck the Notes Alert checkbox.




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