Printing Side Conversations

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  • Charity Salhus

    YES!!!! This would be incredible functionality that our company would really like to see. We have had to create workarounds for this topic, such as screenshotting side conversations.

  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Cat B and Charity Salhus, thanks for the feedback! Quick question on how you'd expect this to work... would you anticipate the printing a ticket would include the side conversations in the place where they were started in the comment stream? Or, perhaps at the end of the ticket?

    Or, would you prefer to be able to print side conversations individually to then include with the ticket print out?

  • Cat B

    Included in the overall ticket print out. 

    It would logically make sense for the side conversations to appear in the sequence in which they were actually had. 

  • Andrea Moore

    I agree that it would be nice to have the conversation visible where it started in the thread, but I'd also like to be able to print the side conversation separately. Is that a possibility? 

  • Terry Knox

    Definite upvote from here too. I just found out we can't print them as a result of a customer raising a Subject Access Request (GDPR legislation thing) and will now have to either ask the last person to receive an email from the thread to forward it to me, or copy paste the whole thing out. 

    In terms of what I'd prefer in terms of where it prints when printing a ticket, I'd prefer that it prints separately from the ticket personally. I'd definitely like the option to print Side Conversations separately from the ticket they're in at least. 

  • Marcie Turner

    Definitely an upvote from Universal Music Group. We need to print our side conversations and would like to see them in the spot that they occur on the ticket.


  • Alex French


    Another up vote from us. 

    Printed in the correct sequence, as noted above. Option to include/exclude would be ideal.




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