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  • Clay Turk
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jean-Baptiste, 

    Thanks for posting this request, feedback like this is very helpful. I have some good news, getting more Guide data into Explore is my top priority, and have just started the process. I don't have dates just yet, but will circle back here once we have a concrete timeline to share. 

    In the meantime, I'd love to hear more on your goals with Guide data and how it might help you and your team. The more information the better, as it helps us deliver more powerful dashboards.


    Clay Turk

  • Sandra D'Angelo

    Hi Clay,

    I have a few suggestions of what we'd like to see:

    • page views
    • time spent on each page (how long was it open)
    • how many single users viewed the page (if signed in)
    • link clicks from the page (we do a lot of hyperlinking articles to each other)
    • search terms entered in our knowledge base
    • which articles were clicked in relation to which search terms
    • votes
    • followers

    That should be enough to go on for the moment :)

    Some of this stuff is in Insights, which is being retired! This makes me sad but I can see that Explore is a really great new tool - it's just too support ticket-focused for our documentation team to leverage at present.

    That should be enough to go on for a bit :) 


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