Time filter is linked to the "Ticket Created Date" attribute however the table is not filtered when I apply a date range


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    Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Aaron, 


    Thanks for reaching out for our Explore: Reports and Insights Migration AMA!

    Sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue with your time filter. Can you confirm that the correct dataset and attribute values are selected in your time filters settings? You'll want to ensure you check all datasets that are used by the queries on your dashboard. I recommend checking out this article for more information on this: Time Filter isn't applying when I choose a time frame. 

    Let us know if you're still experiencing issues after following the steps linked in the article above!



  • Melissa Norton

    Hey Aaron Lupo,

    It looks like your "Applied filters" include Support: Tickets [default].tickets_created_at? You might need to remove an "Exclude filter" from this query.


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