Create Multiple Tickets When Support Addresses Are CC'ed

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  • Gary

    I don't know if they exist, but I can imagine how a 3rd party app could do this without the agent needing to interact with it. 

    Server-side app: Polls Zendesk API for new tickets that have cc's and then creates them through the api based on some logical rules.

    Client-side app: Agent views ticket > the app reads the cc field and determines if it needs to make a sibling ticket based on some logical rules, then calls to the Zendesk API to make the appropriate ticket. 

    Both of those options are viable, but would take some legwork to get working well. The client-side solution has some pitfalls to navigate. 

    Without triggers or automations having access to the cc field, I can't think of a way to get this done natively.

    Another option is to talk to Zendesk about upgrades/add-ons. I believe I've heard of some paid solutions to problems like this. 

  • Jamie Noell

    You might check Myndbend.  I know that 3rd-party app can create child tickets, but I am not sure if it can do so for this use case of cc'd emails.


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