Views - should differentiate public response dates vs internal note dates

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  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi David,

    If your plan is on Professional or above, you may want to set up SLAs - they can be used to prioritize agent views, and also alert you of impending breaches.

    Edit: Here is an article about setting up SLAs you may find helpful.

  • David

    Thanks Jacob - I'll give that a try - looks promising

  • Jalle van Goor den Oosterlingh | RealConnections NL
    Community Moderator

    If that does not work for you, let me know!

    There is a way to create a process with the combination of triggers and automations, but that slightly depends on other workflow processes inside of Zendesk.

  • Fabio Strasser

    Hi Jalle van Goor den Oosterlingh | RealConnections NL,

    I'm interested how you would make that work. Are you using an external target to set a time and day specific tag? Do you put the current time in a text field? 

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Fabio,

    I reached out to some of our team internally and we were unable to find a clean way to make this one work. We will definitely leave the conversation open so Jalle can share their custom workaround however.



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