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  • Sabrina Kwok
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    I have the same question as well.... : (

  • Ana-Alicia
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    I too am curious on this. Do labels on each article help with this? OR can we add labels to sections? 

  • Elissa
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    Hello Chris Whitley and Sabrina Kwok and @Ana-Alicia

    Unfortunately it is not possible to have a section or a category show up in search results as its own result (rather than as part of the bread crumbs of an article). Although this is a great candidate for product feedback, especially seeing as all three of you are looking for this functionality, likely from multiple different use cases! I would highly recommend posting feedback here: Feedback on Guide, and all of you putting comments on the post to get it more visibility!

    As Ana-Alicia noted, it may be helpful to add labels to each article that includes their section and category name. I did confirm with our Guide team that searching for a section title will return articles in that section, but this is not true for categories. So, if you add the category as a label to articles, this will allow those articles to come up when a customer searches by that category name.

    This is tangentially related but I thought it might be helpful: You can scope search results based on category or section as discussed in this post: I want to know how to add search functionality by category.

    I hope that helps!


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