triggers and form condition interactions


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  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    A combination of several Triggers (based on how many agents are involved with the use case) and a Form's Conditional Field feature could probably provide what you need. You would setup a conditional field (drop-down list) where each item in the drop-down represents the steps in the workflow (or each assignee or each group of assignees). Then based on the selected value of each item in the drop-down field, the Conditional fields are use to show just those fields the agent associated need to see.

    Each Trigger that is created would set the drop-down to the right value based on who the ticket is assigned to (or group the ticket is assigned to). This way, as the ticket gets assigned to the next agent, the trigger will set the value of the field that agent is associated with, and then the fields needed by that agent will be visible because of the conditions set based on value in the conditional field.

    While I have not tested this specific use case, each element exists. Triggers can set a drop-down field's value based on who the ticket is assigned to (or a group), Conditional fields can be used to show/hide fields in the form based on a selected value in a drop-down field. 

    You would want to create a Trigger for Admins or select Agents where it sets the drop-down to a value that sets all the fields to be visible at once (needed at least for testing validation).

    Then one of the values of the drop-down would be used for when the process is completed to be able to show all the fields that had been controlled. This could be set automatically by some other condition, or manually set by an agent/admin.



  • McCabe T

    Restricting visibility of fields (and forms) can be done using a custom written app.

    If using enterprise, it'd be easiest to restrict visibility based on ones' role.

    Otherwise you can restrict it by assignee - (but this means any agent can "see" the form if they simply change the ticket's assignee) 


    A simple workaround would be to have restricted fields become visible when a certain field is filled in 

    Settings > Ticket Forms > (3 dots on far right) > Conditions




  • Scott Patten

    Thank you to all who contributed. Your feedback enabled me to resolve my issue. 

    you guys are legends.  :-)



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