Ability to Report on Tag changes in the 'Support: Ticket Updates' data set.

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  • Dylan Cunniffe

    I was just coming here to post this. It would be immensely helpful. 

  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Similar request: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360037206273-Add-ability-to-report-on-changes-to-tags-in-tickets


  • Tom Skjönsberg

    Posted in Q&A yesterday because I need this functionality to report on which agent updated specific tags.

    The ability to do a simple

    IF [Changes - Field name] = "Ticket tags" AND
    [Changes - New value] = "tag_name" THEN
    [Update ticket ID]

    would have been enough :)

  • Travis Tubbs

    This is something I'm interested in as well. We use an app that adds a tag to their ticket if they're offline and removes it when they're not (similar to the Out of Office app), so the tag isn't always on the ticket. We want to be able to see when this tag is being added and removed.

  • Tim

    In Insights it seems like the historical tags are always included. In Explore it is a snapshot of the current situation. I do see the benefit of "just reporting" the tags currently attached to the ticket. It would however be great if there could be an additional field, e.g. historical tags. Tags do get removed by using macros (by design) which makes sense but to identify if the ticket had a particular tag is very important to us. Would be great if this could be implemented! 


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