Zendesk Search - How to improve the customer experience?

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  • Kyle B

    It really depends on your workflow and company model. I use AnswerBot (which gets more and more helpful the more I work on it (I run reports to see what articles are and aren't helpful then adjust the results accordingly. It takes a lot of time). Do you mind if I took a look at your Guide (Knowledge Base)? Maybe there are some things that you already have that would give you what you're looking for. 

    The best thing that we do is push articles at any chance we can. So making sure our articles are the best possible is ideal but your side might have a different flow. 

  • Mary Paez

    Thank you, Kyle for the response.  Our new portal is going live on Friday.  The URL will be: https://support.veeva.com/hc/en-us The current one is old and not working well.  So, wait till after Friday.  ZD services did the work on the new portal.


    Mary P


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