Community: add a comment on original post when user reply to notification email

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  • Michael Shillingford

    - or do not include response into notification email, so the users will be forced to get to community post to see the answer, and then will replay on the comunity

    This option is definitely my preference. When members respond via email, it can include their email signature - which often contains sensitive data which we don't want posted in our community. I'd much rather they came and took part natively, even if the experience requires an extra click.

  • Melody Quinn

    How can I remove the content from an article comment or community post notification so the end-user is encouraged to view the comment in the article and reply, rather than replying to the notification? We are trying to solve for suspending tickets getting created when a user replies to one of these notifications from (

    Thank you!

    Brett Bowser


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